A cult leader fled naked and use his wives as human shields

Thomas Peli, a cult leader in Papua New Guinea fled naked into the jungle after being confronted by police over allegations that he'd forced followers to have sex in public.

One of his teaching is that the banana harvest would increase every time they had sex in public, according to the Papua New Guinea Post-Courier. Police only realise about his activities in the remote village of Yamina when a villager trekked for 12 hours to reach the nearest town and alert authorities.

According to witnesses, that silly thing has been going on for three or four months. Several times, naked people have been seen trying to enter a nearby mining area, but have been stopped because of a policy against allowing naked people to walk round the mine.

When three police officers went to Peli's house, the cult leader emerged naked, and fled into the bush with seven of his followers. He used two of his wives as human shields when the police fired warning shots.

Police retreated in order to avoid a confrontation, but will return with reinforcements to the cult leader and his followers.

Via - Metro , 16 Sept 2009



The more educated man is, the more primitive he becomes. What the heck!!

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