Amazing futuristic violin that can teaches you lessons

This violin is not just has an amazing futuristic look, but can teaches you to play through a series of simple exercises by connecting to the TV. At the same time saving your money from taking lessons in a class. The Squidolin, designed by Carlos Mendez features a beautiful contemporary design, and a comfortable bow made of natural maple wood.

“I love the sound of the violin,” explains Carlos Mendez. “Since I was a kid, I wanted to learn how to play it. But born in a poor country such as Nicaragua, my parents couldn't afford lessons.”

It was this childhood affection for the stringed instrument that encouraged the young industrial designer to use part of his final project at the Art Center College of Design in Pasedena, California, where he graduated with honors in product design, to come up with an affordable way of learning the violin.

“When connected to a TV, the Squidolin teaches the student how to play through a series of exercises that train each hand at a time. Like levels in a game, the first level teaches you to stroke the bow at a perpendicular angle. The next level might teach you to play that bow at a certain beat, eventually progressing to more complicated things, like using both hands and applying vibrato. It's basically a set of coordination exercises.”

“I think the original violin is attractive, but it has too much stuff on it,” he says, explaining how he conceived of his unusual shape. “The chin rest and shoulder rest in the design look like afterthoughts. They don't look like they belong together. I eventually used the aquatic shape of the squid because of its smooth, attractive shape.”

Mendez is now working on the violin and maybe finish soon. The updates are on his blog here

Via - Carlos Mendez

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