Albino squirrel in an inner city park

frosti the albino squirrel picture
Frosti, the name that was given to this white squirrel has been spotted in an inner city park at Cape Town, South Africa. For this is not the first white squirrel to be found because there are many are found in Olney, Illinois, and Brevard, North Carolina, US. But it's still rare to be seen elsewhere.

Frosti was seen by photographer Mark Wessels, 35, as he strolled through the city's Company's Garden with his family. That animal is comfortable with humans, quite happily scuttling around the feet of passers by to collect food.

Despite his colour Frosti is actually an Eastern Grey Squirrel, known in South African as Tree Squirrels.

The species was introduced to the Cape peninsula from Europe by prominent English businessman Cecil John Rhodes in the early 19th century.

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