A 6 year old size woman given birth at Britain

Karina is only 3ft 9in tall, a height of an average six-year-old kid, becomes one of the smallest women in Britain ever to have given birth. She was also risking her life because previously doctors said giving birth would kill her. They could not believe that there is still space within her tiny body to carry a baby.

This 33-year-old mum was determined to become the first woman with her condition to successfully give birth. Now she and her husband Paul can wheels their daughter around their home town of Bolton in Lancashire. But still not so happier because people always stare at her and Freya (her daughter).

"But I don't care, they can look as much as they like - I want to show my gorgeous daughter off to the world" Said Karina.

More reading at DailyMail.co.uk , 2 Sept 2009



How sweet! i wanna carry her baby :D

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