3 Amazing 'Spiderman' in real life

These are not Spiderman in a movie, but they are a real life 'Spiderman'. Watch their actions and hold your breath .......

1. Alain Robert

Alain Robert - is a French rock and urban climber, from Digoin, SaƓne-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France. Known as "the French Spider-Man". Robert is famous for scaling skyscrapers.

2. Freddy Nock

Freddy Nock - from Switzerland, not really like a spiderman with climbing using hands but he's expert in climbing using legs, a tightrope walker.

3. Jyothi Raj

Jyothi Raj - age 22, who lives in the south state of Karnataka, discovered his incredible climbing ability in year 2005. He's popular with the nickname 'Indian Spiderman'.

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