20 Really cute animals portrait

Philippine Tarsier monkey photo
Philippine Tarsier monkey - Source

Pygmy Marmoset - Source

Cute Lemur - Source

Chihuahua dog
Chihuahua dog - Source

Hairy Guinea Pig
Hairy Guinea Pig - Source

Hansa brown white Guinea Pig
Hansa brown white Guinea Pig - Source

Polar bear - Source

Koala bear - Source

Hamster photo
Hamster - Source

Cute hot chick photo
Cute chick - Source

Cute Fennec fox photo
Cute Fennec fox - Photo credit: floridapfe

Seal cub - Source

Lion cub - Source

Cheetah cub - Source

Red Panda - Source

Cute Squirrel - Source

Puppy - Source

Wombat baby - Source

Cute kitten - Source

Baby bunny - Source

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cute bunny wish I could have it

Hey man, please contact me at football(at)gmx.ch, I'd like to get a picture of yours, thanx!

They are cute animals.But i have to say 1 or 2 of them look fake!

Good luck.....

I love chihuahuas!i love pandas!i love all animals but these are extra cute

omg i love animals and thes ones were the cutest iv ever seen well exept for wen u see them for real but still ther soooooooooooooo cute i wish i could have them all lol : )

i LOVE that picture of the bunny! it is so amazingly cute!!! i want to have it as a pet! i have 4 chickens and raised them since they were two weeks old and they looked EXACTLY like the one in the picture! Everyone should get chickens!!!! :)

SOOO CUTE! i used one on a power point for school, and everyone in the room went "AWWWWWWWWW!" It was funny! i especially like the last picture of the bunny! (sorry - i didn't mean to rhyme!)

Yeah that isnt a wombat its a possum

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