1 Million pound for the roadkill art

The father of three, Adam Morrigan, claims to have produced his "lifetime creation" of art. But what kind of art? The 40 year old guy actually made arts from roadkill. The latest and most precious one, he stitched together the remains of the pair of flattened ducklings into a feathery whole, held in place in the centre of a stark frame by a mesh of cords.

He wants to sell his lifetime work for 1 million pound. He asking price is no figure of fancy: the artist has already sold several framed bodies of badgers, hares and foxes.

"I entered into making these pieces to highlight the plight of many of the animals under our care and stewardship," said Morrigan, "and believe we have a duty care to protect and sustain the natural spaces still remaining, before we ruin them by exhausting them completely."

A roadkill becomes an art? And can make lots of money? Hhhmmmm .......

Via - The London Paper , 16 Sept 2009



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