Women Sumo Athletes in European Champioship 2009

Sumo is famous among Japanese and men before, and still rare to women. But now, women also become a Sumo athlete. Only they are not as big as men :D

Ancient Japanese martial art attracts the attention of people around the world for so long. A striking example of arts, in which the strongest wins. Japanese specialists studying the history of sumo, consider that a sumo in Japan, about 2 thousand years ago. Now the Swiss city of Lausanne also hosts European Championship 2009 in sumo.

Photo: (Dominic Favre / Keystone / Ap). Russian athlete Firyuza Ulybin (Firuza Ulybina), it is the person to us, its Italian rival, Anna-Lisa Liso (Annalisa Liso). In the world frame.



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