The Twins that have different star signs and different birthdays

Twins Ryan and Lewis whom will be celebrating their first birthday - on different days, have different star signs. This is the first time i heard twins with different star signs :D They are now set to mark their first birthday, with Ryan, a Leo, celebrating today (Monday) and Lewis, a Virgo, tomorrow on Tuesday.

Their mother, Miss Phillips, 24, said: 'There were two separate labours, with Ryan being born at home and Lewis in hospital, they have different birthdays, different star signs and if Lewis had been born a few days later he would be in a different school year. They look the same but they couldn't be any more different.'

Miss Philips was admitted to Sunderland Royal Hospital on August 23 last year after experiencing labour pains 11 weeks early. Ryan was born ten minutes later on the bathroom floor, and weighed 2lb 14oz. Miss Phillips was then readmitted to hospital, where doctors prepared for Lewis's birth.

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