To search industries for UFO types of things

[ScienceNology] - Vladimir Pirozhkov told to RussiaToday that the Japanese system of analysis and Japanese understanding of space – the combination of small spaces are the best in the world. Vladimir Pirozhkov have worked for such world renowned companies as Citroen in Paris and Toyota in Nice. The video is the interview between RT and him.

“We really want to continue this legacy and we have the energy of our grandfathers, who built unbelievable things, and we can restore what needs to be restored,” says designer Vladimir Pirozhkov to RT.

After being part of the team that designed the interior of the world's best selling car, the Toyota Corolla, Russian designer Vladimir Pirozhkov has turned his skills to aircraft. His latest work is the livery of the Sukhoi SuperJet, and his ambitions spread even as far as into space.

More interview with him at Russia Today , 26 August 2009

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