Strong Buddhist nun's hair that can tows ten cars

She is a Chinese kung fu artist, from China who claims her hair is instilled with the power of kung fu, has given up her crowning glory to officially become a Buddhist nun. She completely shaved off the hair. She has towed ten cars for about 30m using just her plait. Her hair also has an agility to slice through sheets of paper, and the strength to support huge weights.

52 year old Zhang, trained martial arts since the age of 17. For two years, Zhang, whose Buddhist name is Shi Deyu, has lived the life of a nun, but keeping her hair has meant she has been denied official recognition.

Zhang towed ten cars, each weighing over a ton on the streets of her native Kaifeng city in China's central Henan province. She finally underwent her initiation as a nun and had her metre-long hair chopped off for good. Zhang said she was happy to sacrifice it for the life she had been longing for.

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