Robovie-nano - a small two-legged robot by Vuisuton

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Inc. (ATR) and VUISUTON Inc., which sells both robot "Robovie" series soon will launch a new model "Robovie-nano". The company was launched on August 10. Unit price is 49,350 yen and will be shipped from mid-October.

"Robovie-nano" height is 23cm, weight 575g (with battery time), the body 15 degrees of freedom (a head, arm 3 × 2, leg 4 × 2) a small two-legged robot for hobby usage. The servo motor is a small "VS-S020" adopted, which have a torque of 2.2kg per cm. The smaller, lighter and aims is to achieve low-cost system. The leg is parallel link mechanism, operate to achieve stable walking.

The control board of the robot's "VS-RC003HV" was adopted. Editor software included with the motion "RobovieMaker2" is used. Users can create an interface similar to the motion flow chart format. PC interface with USB. The OS supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Power × 4 Ni-MH AAA batteries (not included). The ease of obtaining priority. Standard feature speakers as a sound output. In addition to the single console, wireless controller and a set of VS-C1 at 53,350 yen, the controller, the gyro and set out 63,000 yen.

Hobby robot has a lot better and cheaper than the original. But to actually play or have the option required, or is necessary for the upkeep and maintenance and operation of the servo and spare battery, tends to be expensive anyway. Now more than anything, the customers come to shop, for a price that was requested.

Also, there is no extension and the additional degrees of freedom and autonomy. So you can play it easily and affordably. "Robovie-nano" VS-S020 servo motor, can be purchased at 1,500 yen. Easy to carry and lightweight.

About the configuration, the robot has not changed much. And it is equipped with voice output and feature a high evaluation from the traditional, "RobovieMaker2".

The Web Shop VUISUTON Center to deploy its robot in Tokyo, Fukuoka, ATR-Robotics addition, the robot can be purchased at specialty stores. Parts of the original exterior and gyro sensors and accelerometer, and a tool set GURIPPA that will be sold as an optional camera mounted on the head.

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