Police arrest a monkey

Actually the monkey is not really a monkey. He is a man that dresses a monkey-like suit. Australian police arrested him, provoking the ire of a crowd of onlookers. Brenton Green, The Monkey Man was carted off to jail after spending Sunday afternoon dancing around Perth, hugging people and posing for photos. He spent that night in custody.

The incident began when police interrupted Green's show in front of a small crowd, and demanded his name. At first, the monkey responded just by shaking his head and making odd sounds; when asked for his name again, he simply said 'Monkey'.

At that point, the officers pushed him against a shop window and handcuffed him, as onlookers laughed and booed. 'Why are they arresting this monkey?' cried one onlooker.

Police said Green had been spotted by officers bumping into people, and allegedly had knocked a hamburger out of a man's hands. They said that he then refused to give them his name, instead 'continually shaking his head and making squeaking noises'.

He was taken to jail, where is he was bailed on the condition that he not return to the city. But as he walked to the train station, the same officer then re-arrested him, on the grounds that he'd breached the bail conditions. He was then held overnight.

'I thought it was some sort of a joke. And then he put the cuffs on me and I just couldn't believe it,' Green told PerthNow.

He appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday, charged with 'failing to comply with a request given'. He was given a three-month community release order and ordered to pay $60 in court costs.

Source: Metro.co.uk , 26 August 2009

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