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These are my best shots of landscapes in Terengganu thus far. Terengganu is one of the states in Malaysia. I have yet to venture the whole of Terengganu widely to shoot photos. There are so many other interesting places to go and I am not sure if I can catch more of them or not. Most of my shots below are just nearby my place in Kuala Terengganu district. I will be very glad if you like them :D

Breezin - I wake up so early in the morning to shoot the above photo. This is a sunrise shot at Manir river, in my village Teluk Pasu, Kuala Terengganu. There are also water lilies beside the river. I used 1.3 shutter speed setting for this.

Sayonara - The swamp beside Terengganu Sports Complex (Sultan Mizan stadium) at Gong Badak. This is a sunset shot.

Sentimental mood - Sunrise at Lembah Bidong beach, Setiu. With the loner leafless tree as a silhouette. It's not easy for me to reach this place early in the morning. Because my house is about 40km away from here. I left my house before 6:00 am and rode my old motorcycle :D .

The dawn twin - Sunrise at Telipot beach, not far from Darul Iman University (UDM). I love those two stumps of coconut trees. They gave more feel to this picture.

Triplets and reflection - Sunrise at Pandak beach, Chendering. I love the reflection of the beach and the three coconut trees. They are like triplets :D

Harmonic - This is at Tok Jembal beach, near the Telaga Batin airport. I applied more LucisArt plugin to this picture, to make it look more like a painting.

Diminish - Somewhere at Tanjung Aur, Marang, sunset time. I like the serenity in it.

Sungai Buweh waterfall - This waterfall is located near Kenyir lake, Hulu Terengganu. It is called Sungai Buweh waterfall. I arrived here alone and shot this at about 8:00 am. There'was no one there. I managed to climb a few steps to reach this point This place is quite isolated :-S . I used 10 seconds exposure + ND8 filter + tripod for this one.

Welcome to the jungle - This is just a small jungle located at Gong Badak

Terengganu Sport Complex at dawn - Sunrise at Terengganu Sports Complex .

Absolutely simple night - This is a night shot at Pandak beach, Chendering. This place is so dark at this time, I used 308 seconds long exposure + tripod for this. Thanks to the moonlight that lit up the place in the photo.

Dramatic sunrise - Another sunrise shot at Manir river. Look at the dramatic clouds!

Misty beach - A night shot at Teluk Ketapang beach, near airport. This place is quite dark during shooting time. But with flash shoot (to illuminate the old wood) and long exposure, now here is the result. Oh yeah, there are no stars visible because the clouds cover the sky, the night being a bit drizzly. I used 909 seconds (about 15+ minutes) long exposure, RAW, ISO 100 + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod for this.

The wind blows heavy - A night shot at Batu Buruk beach, near the state hospital. 104 seconds long exposure, ISO 100 + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod

All night long - A night shot at Pulau Wan Man, near Masjid Kristal. 145 seconds long exposure + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod.

Happiness - Another sunrise at Manir river, at kampung Teluk Pasu. 1/20 seconds exposure + kit lense + ND8 filter + tripod.

Solid determination - Shot at Pandak beach at dawn. 15 seconds exposure, oh i love rocky beach. Thank God there are also rocky beaches in Terengganu, and this is one of them :D

Sublime revelation - Shot at Manir river at dawn - 15 seconds exposure - with Flash used to illuminate the rocks giving them more details.

Serene sunrise - Yea, another sunrise at Manir river :D I love to shoot here especially at dawn time and sunrise. Look at the reflection on the river, almost like a glass mirror.

Rainbow in my village - My second rainbow shot. The place is not quite interesting but love that double layer rainbow :D I spot this rainbow just after i shot a few sunrise shot. That time the rain start to fall while the sun is rising. So that's why the rainbow appears.

Reflect of reflect - Another cool reflection on a swamp. I shot this at Gong Badak at late noon.

Modesty is the best policy - Another long exposure shot at Teluk Ketapang beach, near airport. I love the textures on a beach and water.

Two boats and a sunrise - A sunrise also at Teluk Ketapang beach. Can you feel the classic mood here? :D

Cherish - Yet another sunrise beside Manir river. I love the serenity in it and the cute cloud and its reflection.

Touch the light - Still a sunrise at Manir river. The sky is like a napalm explosion :D

Pond to ponder - A serene pond near Tok Jembal beach at Gong Badak.

Blue red dawn - Another long exposure shot at Manir river at dawn.

Romantic night - A night shot beside Manir river. I use 30 seconds exposure + tripod for this.

A warm sunrise - A warm welcome to this sunrise too. Shot at Teluk Ketapang beach.

Braveheart - Took this shot at Tok Jembal beach , sunrise time. What a cool red sky. I put that small reef that I found nearby as a main subject.

Together forever - A sunrise shot at Teluk Ketapang beach. The sky is dark because this is during the rainy season. Aren't those coconuts romantic? :D

Sunset forever - A sunset shot at Losong, near State Museum. I love how the cloud formation align with the edge of the grass land.

Sunset of love - A sunset at Padang Hangus, Maras. What a colourful sky and reflection. The caladiums on the swamp are heart shape with more reddish sky. That's why I called this photo Sunset of love :D

Self reflection - A sunset at Bukit Chempaka, Maras. This is one of my favourite shots.

Leave a light on for us - Sunrise at Tok Jembal beach.

Rushing wave - A sunrise at Batu Buruk beach. A bit long exposure to catch the wave movement for more dramatic effect.

Winding stream - This is on a bridge, on a way to Sekayu waterfall, Hulu Terengganu. Sekayu waterfall is just at the right side, less than 1km.

And I will be so glad if you use them as your desktop wallpaper :D . Have nice days and all the best :)

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Camera used : Sony Alpha 200 with kit lense
Software used : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended

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Wowwwwww.. Wallpapers.. Free for the taking.. This is just amazing. Such wonderful,beautiful and exquisite pieces. Thank you neezhom. Thank you very much. You are really generous.

You have done well my dear. Hope to see more of your works. Go for it man.

These are beautiful photos, I completely love them. Thank you very much for posting these up.

tima kasih.saya suka wallpaper awk.sesuai utk pc n smart phone.

Sama-sama. Kalau nak landscape terbaru dari saya, sila lah intai di . TQ :)

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