How to play FLV video file in a playlist

When you download a video file from Youtube or most of the video websites alike it, you will get a file in FLV format. You can play it in an FLV player as an example but cannot do it in playlist mode because there is no option in FLV player to play the video in a playlist. Usually you must convert the file tp AVI or other formats first to play in playlist.

But with Media Player Classic, you don't have to convert the file if you are lazy and not have enough time to do so. You just can play the FLV video files in it and can arrange the videos in a playlist. The option is in a View menu.

I'm not using Media Player Classic to open all kind of video files, but for FLV video files, this software is my best choice. But to make it more perfect and support almost all kind of video formats, you must add the proper codecs to it like K-Lite codec pack.

Download free Media Player Classic 6.4.9

Download free codec K-Lite codec pack

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