How to install Official Google Chrome themes

Google Chrome default skin is blue and there is no option in the browser to change the skin / theme. But Google provided to you a few themes that can be download free and apply easily. You don't have to copy here and paste there if you want to download and install Google Chrome official theme to your Chrome browser. Just go to , choose the theme you like and click the Apply theme button, the Save As dialog box will appear, choose where you want to download the .crx file, and click Save button. It will change your theme automatically and dramatically.

You just need to have Google Chrome version and above, because it will not works to the older version. There are 29 themes to choose so far. The video below will show you how easy to Apply official theme to Google Chrome.

There is also another way to apply the unofficial Google Chrome theme to your browser, but that method is quite fussy and sometime is not working and the theme will go crazy. I prefer the official Google Chrome method even the theme is not that many.

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