How to create link open in a new window or tab

Blogging will always involve with links to another websites. You can insert link / hyperlink in Blogger blog post with highlight the text and click the Link button. But the default setting is the link that open in a same window. So when visitors click the link in your blog / website, they will move to the linked website and leave your blog. They must click Back button to go back to your blog. So if they surf many pages in the linked website, they must click many times to go back or they must find in the recent pages shortcut list to your blog.

So the better way to make your blog still in the visitors browser and keep them easy to go back to your blog again, is by putting the link that open in a new window / tab. I will show you how to do it in the silent tutorial video below ;)

Remember to add code target="blank" in a link code to make the link open in a new window / tab. Try it and see the difference. I wish you good luck and all the best :)


Very nice trick!
Thanks for sharing :)

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