How to create a gold material in 3D Studio Max

After made a few researches about how to create a gold material in 3Ds Max, i end up with a very satisfaction method originally taught by Micheal at . Thanx to him for the tutorial and i was really satisfied with the result. I am really weak with colours so i hope this will helps those who are weak with colours also :D

Use Standard Material only. In the Shader Basic Parameters rollout choose Multi-Layer.

Diffuse colour set to extremely dark gold/brown colour i.e. Red = 25, Green = 19, Blue = 5
Diffuse level (the one below the diffuse colour box) = 50

First Specular Level Colour ; Red = 255, Green = 215, Blue = 129
First Specular Level = 120
First Specular Glossiness = 25

Second Specular Level Colour ; White: Red = 255, Green = 255, Blue = 255
Second Specular Level = 170
Second Specular Glossiness = 90

Reflection = Falloff map
Top Slot (black slot) = Raytrace material and value of 30
Bottom Slot (white slot) = Raytrace material and value of 90
Falloff Type = Fresnel

Below is the example of the result. I apply gold material to the 3d volleyballs. Render with Mental ray renderer. All the best :)

- Render with Mental ray
- GI is On
- Lighting use Target spot.
- Shadows on with Mental Ray Shadow Map


I like this kind of gold. Previously I experimented with a more yellow/orange gold like the colour you see in cartoons and games.

This seems more real. Thanks for the simple tutorial. And I like how you only write what the values should be instead of "Click this, then click this, then set this value to this, then click this and set this value..."

awesome... really the best gold material I found in the internet (at least in the first 30 pages in google :))

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