How to create a dynamic Latest Posts by category / label widget in Blogger

blogger logoThere are many ways to create Headlines / Latest Posts widget in Blogger. Here i wanna show one method to create animated Latest Posts by category widget by using Google AJAX Feed API. Below are the steps;

1. First go to Dynamic Feed Control Wizard. You will arrive at the page like in the image below

Dynamic Feed Control Wizard picture
2. Choose what style you want. Here i will show an example of using Vertical Stacked style.
3. Fill the Feeds Expression box. For an example i put Blogging Tips, PC Tips, Rare and Weird and Photos, just like in the image below

Dynamic Feed Control Wizard image
4. For the Title, i put Headlines.
5. Look at the preview and Direct Feed URLs, it is not your own feed right? Don't worry, just IGNORE it! We will change it later ;)
6. Click the Generate Code button. You now have the code for your dynamic animated headlines widget.

7. Look in the code, find the below section

 <script type="text/javascript">
function LoadDynamicFeedControl() {
var feeds = [
{title: 'Blogging Tips',
url: ''
{title: 'PC Tips',
url: ''
{title: 'Rare and Weird',
url: ''
{title: 'Photos',
url: ''
var options = {
stacked : true,
horizontal : false,
title : "Headlines"

8. You can now change the feed URLs in red to your own feeds. But where can you get your label / category post feeds instead your normal blog feed?

How to get your label post feeds?

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