Google plan to buy a video compression firm

Another firm maybe taken by Google and this time is a video compression firm, On2 Technologies. On2 Technologies Inc. is a provider of digital video compression technology where its function is to shrink video files that allows for the quick transfer of large video files across the Web. Google really takes a smart move again because video is an essential part of the Web experience.

Maybe Google want to integrate it with Youtube (one of the most popular and visited video site) to boost up streaming, faster upload and to cut the costs of bandwidth. A very good news for the Youtube members and online streaming fans and Google itself. The price that Google will pay to On2 is $106.9 million in stock. The firm reported a loss in May and that maybe one of the factor it will be sell to Google.

The technology maybe applied to Google's Android mobile operating system and its Chrome operating system for PCs. For now, Google said in their official blog that it was not in a position to discuss specific product plans until after the deal closes, where Google expects the deal to close in the fourth quarter.

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