Run Windows XP inside Linux Mint 7 with VirtualBox OSE

I installed VirtualBox OSE couples days ago in my Linux Mint 7. Of course my purpose is to run another OS in this Linux OS and this time i try to run Windows XP as a virtual machine in it. Before i installed it i thought the virtual machine can read all partitions in my hard disk. Apparently, it can only read the virtual partition that i made at the installed process of Guest OS (Windows Xp) in VirtualBox.

So i must install all the Windows application that i want to use back in that Windows XP in the VirtualBox. It is rather i must install it from a cd / dvd, other removable devices or from the internet. If you want to connect to the internet inside that guest OS, you must first disconnect from Host OS (in this case Linux Mint 7 is the Host OS). I try to connect in the guest OS while in the Host OS is still connecting to the internet but it is not succeed. Maybe it cannot use 2 in 1 connection :D

And unfortunately to me, i set the partition size to this guest OS only 4.5GB. This because i thought it can read other partitions also before. So maybe i will create a New virtual machine again in that VirtualBox, set the partition with larger size that will suit my work in a future, and delete present Virtual machine (guest OS). The snapshot below is the image of My Computer inside the present virtual machine (Windows XP).

Look at the size of C drive, only 4.5GB :D And that virtual machine is inside the windows that can be resized and also can view in fullscreen when we press key CTRL + F. We can set whether to press left CTRL or right CTRL, depends on which is more confortable to us.

The default setting is we must press CTRL key before we can navigate inside the virtual machine and press CTRL again to go out and navigate in Linux again. But there is an easy way that we don't have to do that. Just install Guest additions (option under the Device menu) and it will install the virtual cd inside the virtual machine and we don't have to press CTRL anymore if we want to work in the virtual machine or out of it. And the screen size also enhanced, it will fit the windows when we resize and will full on the screen when we toggle to fullscreen. Below is the snapshots of before using Guest additions and after using it;

Winxp fullscreen before installing Guest additions - a bit like this

Winxp fullscreen after installing Guest additions

Until here for this time, i don't know if i will use this way or not later on because this will use more space in hard disk and quite fussy of course. Maybe i will just using dual boot like before. All the best :)

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