Advertlets is not paying

Advertlets is one of many advertising company in the internet. It is a Malaysian site which is i think over 2 years on the line for now. I'm here not to explain more about what is Adverltets, but i'm here to inform for those of you who want to start putting Advertlets ads in your blog to think twice and consider what i'm gonna write here.

I joined it almost 2 years ago. And from that time i put their ads in my blogs. So they said the minimum payment is 100 Ringgit Malaysia. And i was qualified for that months ago in March. An my earning was credited to cash out history but the status is still UNPAID until now. It means i did not get any payment from them even though i was qualified to get payment. Below is the prove from my earning;

So my advice is, don't waste your time and energy to put Advertlets ads in your blog. Advertlets is not paying me and i think many other bloggers experience this too. Diulangi, Advertlets tidak membayar kepada Blogger. Besides the ads also can slow down the page loading in your blog too. Have nice days ahead and all the best from yours truly :)

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