The secret of Flickr EXPLORE and FRONTPAGE

I think almost everyone know what Flickr is. It is one of the most famous photo community website owned by Yahoo that hosting photos. And many knew about EXPLORE, but there are only a few knew what EXPLORE really is and a secret behind it.

One thing for sure, Explore is just a computer algorithm's choice, not choosed by the professionals in photography. I have many photos in my Flickr stream that made to Explore, but not my best choice of photos actually. Before i have many contacts that active commenting and faving my photos, i don't have photo that made to Explore, even that old photos many of them are better than my new ones.

One more thing, i don't put EXIF data to my older photos, and i post them to so many groups. So Flickr will give penalty to photos like that :D That's why my old photos not made to Explore. Since a month ago, i always put EXIF data to my photos, and submit to not many groups. From that time, almost everyday my photos went to Explore.

So obviously, it is not all because of good photo to go to Explore, but contacts, comments, faves and also tactics. It's a photo game actually. That's why many photos that are made to Explore are not really good.

Let's straight to the point! Wanna know the secret behind EXPLORE and FRONTPAGE?

Please read the description at the Flickr streams below. They're the people whose photos usually went to Explore and Frontpage. So they know the secret behind this and sincerely inform it to public. Thanx to them to make it clear.

If you read carefully their explanation, you will know what Explore really is. I wrote this not because of jealousy, but i saw there are many misunderstanding about what is a good photo or not since Explore exist. And that makes more people produce more unquality photos and brag them because their photos made to EXPLORE and FRONTPAGE. Happy reading and all the best ;)



I am glad to see blogs like this. I am one of the above mentioned flickr pages that explains how to get on Explore! I wrote it because I am tired of seeing the same people on Explore day after day. By telling people how to get on Explore and Front Page I hope that more people will try and as a result more of the regulars will have to work a little harder. Please feel free to pass my flickr page to all your contacts. The more that read it and especially try it the more we have a chance of getting Explore changed for the better.

Thanks for posting this blog.


Peace and hi Bob. Wow, thanx so much buddy!! i'm sure will add your link here too. And i really hope what you expect from the Flickr will come true :)


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