Alien structures on Saturn's ring?

The image that was taken by NASA's Cassini Spacecraft shows for the first time colossal vertical structures on the rings of Saturn. They reach up over one kilometer high, and are visible now as the sun nears 'high noon' directly overhead at the planet's equator, as Saturn approaches its equinox. That Equinox occurs every half Saturn year, or about 15 Earth years and sees the Sun pass through the plane containing the giant planet's rings.

The unique illumination geometry allows features to be discerned in unprecedented detail. As Saturn marches towards its 11 August equinox, the Sun's angle to the ring plane lowers, causing out-of-plane structures to cast long shadows across the rings' broad expanse, making them easy to detect.

There is also an opinion from researchers that the massive structures are the downtown area of an alien city. Is it true or not, maybe later we'll find out.

Watch the video of the vertical structures on Saturn's ring

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