A few great tools for Flickr that i used

There are many tools for Flickr. I just want to share here couples of them that i used to make my Flickr usage easier and exciting.


Trailr enables us to save lots of our time, especially in commenting case. We don't have to copy and paste the codes many times anymore, just copy once, and you can save it in Trailr. Next time you give comments in a group , the codes automatically pasted in the comment box when we post the comment.

It is also the same with the invite code. Only copy once and no more copy & paste.

Trailr can automatically shows the owner of a photo where the commenters have found it, thanks to "seen on..." messages.

More info about Trailr, go to their website at http://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/trailr


If you want to put your FLickr photos browser in your blog or website, then i personally use and like PictoBrowser.

Better Flickr Firefox extension

Many useful thing can be done in Flickr with it, like buddy icon reply, photo magnifier, photo page enhancer, rich edit and thumbnails enhancer. More info at Lifehacker

Steeev's Flickr Projects

And this is the newest that i used, and it became my favourite so far! This hack tool is created by Steeev. Check this out! http://steeev.freehostia.com/flickr/.

There are more great tools in here like Flickr PM, Multi group sender, Contacts organizer, Groups organizer, Group pool admin : Warn + Delete, Group promotion tool, Quoter and a few more.



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