Microsoft to offer free antivirus and internet security

Good news for those who do not like and afford to pay for an Antivirus. Microsoft will stop selling its unpopular OneCare security software and has announced it will offer it for completely free to download and will support Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 from the end of June 2009. The new software, code-named Morro, will be a no-frills program suited to smaller and less powerful computers.

So what will happen to McAfee and Symantec? We will know about it later maybe. But for now, people maybe still must use one of those antivirus, or maybe better to use free antivirus like Avast and AVG. But i myself recommend to use Avast than AVG. Because from my own experience, AVG gave me more troubles while Avast is more better and my PC can stand longer with it.

In a statement, Microsoft said that Morro would be designed specifically to be a small-footprint program that uses fewer system resources. This would be ideal for users with low-bandwidth connections or computers without much processing power. 

What i see is antivirus world maybe become so different next year when Onecare security from Microsoft will be completely free. We'll see about that .......

For further reading, visit BBC News.

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