Fake Youtube website

Don't ever trust the link that will lead you to Youtube site in your email. There are internet criminals that creating bogus sites and developing so-called "social engineering" methods to fool people. Just ignore whatever link that will lead you to Youtube page for your own security.

You can also check whether the link is authenticated or not by copy it and paste to URL box, but remember, don't ever trust the ads that appear at the site. Because usually it is a malicious and dangerous software for your PC. Usually you will see an error messages that claim the video they want won't play without installing new software first.

That error message includes a link the hacker has provided to a malicious program, which delivers a virus. So for your own safety, it's better not to go to that website before anything unwanted happen.

There are so many ways , bad hackers and scammers did their job to fool people in the internet and this is one of them. So always becareful and don't ever so sure that you are safe in the internet. And for better alternative, installing Linux to your PC is quite good for more protection. Only they're so fussy yet and not user friendly like WIndows. But anyway they are FREE, so it is worthy to try them at least as a backup OS in your PC when Windows in big trouble.



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