Effects and animations with Compiz Fusion in Linux Ubuntu

There are so many effects can be set in Linux Ubuntu. And this time i wanna share about effects and animations using Compiz Fusion in Linux Ubuntu. And we concentrate on close, open and minimize application. I try all of them and they are so cute and stunning. But first of all, let us see the command to install Compiz Fusion in our Linux.

The code is

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Type the above code in Terminal. Don't know how to open Terminal? Here is the path

Click Applications - Accessories, then Terminal

After installed Compiz Fusion, go to System - Preferences - Advanced Desktop Effects Settings and go to the Animations plugin. You can play around with the different animations and find your own favourite.

The list of close , open and minimize window application effects and animations is ;

1 - Airplane
2 - Beam up
3 - Burn
4 - Curved fold
5 - Domino
6 - Dream
7 - Explode
8 - Fade
9 - Fold
10 - Glide 1
11 - Glide 2
12 - Horizontal folds
13 - Leaf spread
14 - Magic lamp
15 - Razr
16 - Sidekick
17 - Skewer
18 - Vacuum
19 - Wave
20 - Zoom

My favourite is Burn. The effect is like burning fire and i prefer to use it for closing the application. The fire effect burns the application's window from up to down until it vanish.

For example here, if you want to set effect to minimize animation, go to Effects in Compiz Config Setting Manager.

Tick animations. Then click the word Animations to enter the setting.

- Click Minimize animation
- Click New button.
- Choose your minimize effect
- Don't forget to put in Window Match the code below

((type=Normal | Unknown) | name=sun-awt-X11-XFramePeer | name=sun-awt-X11-XDialogPeer) & !(role=toolTipTip | role=qtooltip_label) & !(type=Normal & override_redirect=1) & !(name=gnome-screensaver)
You can get this code in the previous effect setting that was already there. Remember to copy all of them and paste at once. Without the code, nothing will happen.

- Put your newer effect at the top in the list of effects. This can be done by select that new effect and click Up button.
- And your effect is ready to work. Try minimize and maximize your application.

But remember to activate dekstop effect first before applying all these effects or they may not working. To activate dekstop effect;

- Right click on the Desktop
- Choose Change Desktop Background
- Click Visual Effects tab.
- Click radio button whether it is Normal or Extra, depends on your needs.

All the best ....... :)



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