33 great macro photography of insects face

Harvester ant : Credit to Mundo Poco

Face to face with Mr lime green dark brown Damselfly

Face to face with Mr Damselfly - orange blue black

Jumping spider macro portrait  --  Potret macro spesis labah-labah lompat

Red ant : Credit to Lorenzo & Samia

Fly species : Credit to Mundo Poco

Fly species : Credit to Roy Berger

Locust face macro

Robber fly : Credit to Mundo Poco

Face to face with Mr Yellow black Damselfly macro

Jumping spider : Credit to Opo Terser

Yellowjacket Wasp : Credit to Robert Seber

Blue white wings Moth macro

Butterfly species : Credit to Leviathor

Face to face with Mr green Mantis

European hoverfly : Credit to Robert Seber

Light green Mantis macro  --  Mentadak hijau pucuk daun

 Face to face with Mr Skipper Moth

 Face to face with Mr red eyes Fly

White Face Fly : Credit to Opo Terser

Blue Damselfly : Credit to Opo Terser

Face to face with Mr green Grasshopper. Found at kampung Telaga Daing, Seberang Takir, Kuala Terengganu

SexyWasp species : Credit to Duncan C

Fly on a Nettle Leaf : Credit to Shutterclick.com

German Wasp - Vespula germanica : Credit to pressld2

Horse fly - Tabanus sudeticus : Credit to Welsh.lensman

A red yellow eyes Dragonfly, shot at Pulau Wan Man, Losong, Kuala Terengganu

Face to face with Mr black yellow Wasp macro

Moth : Credit to Igor Siwanowicz

Queen median wasp : Credit to Matt Cole1

Bumble Bee - Bombus pascuorum : Credit to DurhamBugs

Face to face with Mr Long black Beetle  --  Bersemuka dengan encik Kumbang hitam panjang

Crane Fly - Tipula sp. : Credit to Matt Cole

Subhanallah, our creator is The Greatest, thanks to Him. And thanks to the nice photographers, camera makers, computer makers, and so on too .......

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the awesome images have rendered me speechless.. great collections you have here Neezhom.

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