My paypal money still not transferred to my Visa electron debit card

I was withdrawn money from Paypal 9 days ago. So it took 5 days for Paypal to process the transaction. And my withdraw status was completed now, but i still cannot see money in my PBB Visa Electron debit card.  This is never happened before, i don't know why.

But i will wait for a few days more to make sure what is happening. I read at other blogs, there are also a few people having problem like this. I don't know whether it is Paypal problem, or bank problem, or i've been hacked by a hacker. But what i'm gonna do is, i will wait and see for a few days more, and if i'm still not get my money, maybe i quit from Paypal.

I am so dissapointed with the service now, because i need money to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. And suddenly this happened , but of course patient is very important. Just i'm so dissappointed whether with Paypal, or the bank, or if there are a hacker that hack my Paypal.

Anyway, i wish to all muslims Salam Aidil Fitri 1429, minal aidin wal faizin, Maaf zahir dan batin. Taqobbalallahu minkum :)

* Update 25 October 2008 - I got my money. Maybe Public Bank process my money late because of Hari Raya, maybe they're so busy that time. Whatever alhamdulillah, my money is safe and i can withdraw it from PB Visa Electron debit card. Better from been robbed by bad hackers. So there are no problem at all with Paypal so far .......



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