Sun fold bike - Foldable and solar powered bike

This is a really nice and cute new invention! I don't ever see this kind of bike before. It is not just solar powered but also can be folded. And the name of this bike is Sun Fold Bike. It can be collapsed in to a compact handy structure like a luggage. Cao Dawei, who is the designer of this handy bike has won accolades at international design competitions.

It uses the solar panels which will absorb the energy coming from the sun. So it can also be used at night because the excess energy has been stored. And the advantage of its ability to fold is when it comes to traffic jam, you can fold it and walk with it along the road side. It is also easy to lift up when emergency cases.

Via : Ecofriend



Hmmmm.. good idea. Handy and compact.

But it looks far too fragile. Mebbe suitable for womenfolk.

Wonder how long it can store the solar energy otherwise the bike will just stop short in the middle of nowhere. What if you are in the vicinity of the graveyard? Spooky right???

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