A mobile phone that can change shapes

Nokia is going to the next step and making a new evolution in mobile phones. They will introduce the new phone that will come in the form of a device that will roll up and looks like a bracelet. It can bend over and clip to your pocket, wake you up in the morning, form to fit your face when you use it as a phone and more.

This personal mobile communication device uses liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touch screen, touch sensitive body cover which lets it understand and adjust to the environment. It has a simple programmable body mechanism so that it changes forms in different situations. You dont have to carry it in your pocket or on your wrist. You can carry it anywhere, in anyform. You can roll it, bend it, put on your clothes like a clip. When you want to use it as a phone, the Nokia 888 forms itself into the shape of a usual phone. You can personalize these forms and record them. It’s like the feeling of having an electronic pet as it senses your moves, understands what you want and responds to you in the way you love. It learns you, and learns to fit you better.

There are also e-motions that can lets you send forms to the other Nokia 888 users and it. It could be the shape of a heart or a small dance. This way he can tell you he loves you without words.

E-motions stands for electronic motions. It works just like a program, where you can create forms to send to your Nokia 888 friends or receive from them. You can send a heart shape to your girlfriend and her 888 will turn into the shape of a heart. It is so flexible and you can put it into your pocket, roll it and make it smaller, or put on your wrist when you want to make a video call on the go.

Source : Nokia 888

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Nokia 888 Change it's Shape

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