I can withdraw money from paypal to Public Bank Visa Electron

Peace and howdy? Finally i can withdraw my money from Paypal to my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card smoothly without any problem, alhamdulillah. I withdrawn it at the ATM machine in Giant Hypermarket near my place. And now i am more confident to make money online especially which related with paypal payment. Becoz Paypal only charge USD5 dollar per withdraw, and that is still a low charge. But for our own good, it's better to keep money in Paypal first and withdraw only when we think it's a suitable time and worth to be charged for USD5 dollars.

So PBVE is proven can withdraw money from Paypal and Malaysian can make money online more comfortable now. Most of my Paypal money came from reviews about other website that i made via Blogsvertise. So far, Blogsvertise is the best choice for me becoz we don't have to find advertisers ourselves, but the admin will assign us the tasks to do. And the payment also reasonable, usually at average of USD10 dollars per review.

And i advise to all bloggers for not taking a task that was below USD10 dollars, like USD5 dollars, 3 dollars , 1 dollars, because it's not worth it. Bloggers must pay attention to the payment value because the reviews that we made will stay in our blog as long as our blog exist and we don't delete them. So the advertisers actually got many benefits not only visitors to their site, but also link back to them. So i hope you can always demand about this and yet the advertisers must pay you for reasonable price.

And i'm not interested in other review making site because most of them are to fussy and wasting time with bidding but get nothing and so on. :D


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