Hainan fishermen caught Giant 3,300 Lbs Stingray

August 3 at 2 am, a temporary high fishing boat 70 miles away from Hainan Sanya in China, the sea waters operations, caught what is likely to be one of the largest stingrays ever caught that also known as "giant sea" and "devil fish," said the bats Fen. Although it looked in particular the "devil fish" weighing 3,300 lbs, even the most ferocious sharks dare not attack it, but it still cannot escape the merciless killing of its human, thus being sent into delicacies table . The stingray measured about 16 1/2 foot in width.

At the sea to catch the "big guy"

Yesterday morning at about 9 in Sanya, China Ferry Terminal to see that this was a vessel bats Fen, "A high-king 14068" fishing boat Tuohui terminals have been killed, but still kept its shape better. Reporter observed that the body of the bat Fen slightly diamond-shaped flat, eyes large as light bulbs, like the mouth Gangkou, double-fin flat with about 5 meters, standing shoulder to seven adults. According to Wu captain of the ship, this bat Fen weighing more than 3,000 lbs, is in the 2 o'clock yesterday morning to the capture.

Sanya at the time they are 70 miles from the waters, fishing nets were suddenly in the closely Beng, the sea spray the large roller and saw a very large "big guys" in fishing nets, keep struggling. Despite this "big guys" desperately want to escape from fishing nets, fishing nets but the flexibility it has tightly wound live. In this way, this "big guys" to fight a death struggle took nearly three hours after it exhausted killed. And they in this "big guy" after his death, the guts to disembark it firmly Bangfu live, because of its huge size, few people can carry move, but by ship to Tuohui.

Big fish harvest has sold nearly 10,000 yuan

Miss Meikaiyanxiao captain told reporters, when they bat this Fentuo Hui of the terminal, immediately caused a sensation. Many people are on board to watch this "big guy" and many fishmongers also Wenfeng and to come with him to discuss price. Finally, he more than 3 per catty to the price of money, this weighing of the 3000 lbs the "big guy" sold a fishmongers and revenue nearly million. Wu said the captain, this alone is a big fish, on revenue of nearly million, so the fish return to sea, he not only earned a good Cai, also earn the confidence.

At the press to leave the ship, a female reporter asked fishmongers came the acquisition of this is not the boss of bats Fen, if the reporter had acquired Zhetiao Yu's case, she was willing to buy a higher price. When a reporter told her that the fish have been others to follow, she also uncertainty that followed behind at the press, saying prices can be discussed. Then that, despite this bats Fen Wu captain to be more than three Yijin money selling price, but if Yu Fanzai resale market get boost land sales, it could at least sell more than eight Qian Yi Jin.

Bat Fen interesting special strange habit

It is understood that the bats Fen up to eight meters long, weighing three tons, its flat body, a strong Xiongqi, similar wings, the first under a giant horizontal cleft of mouth, the body back Youyuan You have a small tail. In English, they are mistakenly called "devil fish" and its shape is scary. Its head and make vigorous efforts to make divers often fear, because once it has launched angry, just use it to the strong "wings" of a film, it will touch off the bone, to kill people. So people call "devil fish." Fen the habits of bats is also very strange. It temperament lively and often engage in some mischief. Sometimes it deliberately submerged in the water, swam to the boat sailing at the bottom, with wing of the ships, issued "Hu Hu, Papa" beep, so disturbed frightened people on board; sometimes it with their fins linked to the first boat in the Mooring, towing a boat at sea quickly to go to, so that they mistakenly thought it was "the devil" in the mischief, which is in fact the bats Fen prank.

Ferocious sharks also make it one-third

According to experts, bats Fen in the ocean have a billion years of history, as the representative of the original fish, although they are big guys, but they are mainly in plankton and small fish for food, often in search of food and coral reefs near the parade Moderate temperament. Although they are not offensive, but by the alarm in time, it's enough to power small boats destroyed. Bat Fen seem daunting, in fact, it is very modest, only crustaceans or groups of fish shrimp for food. In its head with two meat long enough, it is the first fin, the first prominent fins Fanzhe forward, they can rotate, bats Fen is to use this right fins to disperse food, and food for the mouth swallowed. Because of its strength, so even the most ferocious sharks dare not attack it.

Bat Fen groups like swimming, sometimes unspoken migratory sea, sometimes male and female Chengshuangchengdui to the sea. In the breeding season, sometimes by double-bats Fen fin Rattling surface of the water, leaping in the air Fan Jindou, can Yuechu surface of the water, one from the high water over the "glider", the water, sounds like Dabao, affecting a few, very Spectacular. As for, why bats Fen to get out of the water » Is still a mystery. Fen bats in the South China Sea can be seen throughout the year, the annual migratory June WRC-03 to Fujian, Zhejiang coast, in August to nine months of the Yellow Sea. 10 October Nov. back to the coastal Zhejiang Province, in December 1988 to February Mar. along the migratory route south to the original. Edible meat, liver oil can, offal and bones of fish meal can be.

(Source: Business Journal: Wu Ying Yang Feng India)

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