Amazing Langkawi sky-bridge

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Langkawi island is one of the famous and beautiful islands in Malaysia, separated from the far northwest coast of peninsular Malaysia by the Straits of Malacca. The latest about Langkawi is, there are now a sky-bridge that pedestrian can take a walk above the clouds on the new curved suspended pedestrian bridge at Gunung Mat Cincang. I think you might be eager to go there right?

The Langkawi sky-bridge is suspended at 700 metres above sea level. It spans 125 metres across a spectacular chasm. We can see the Andaman Sea and Thailand’s Tarutao Island from there.

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Unlike straight bridges where you can see from the starting point, this bridge has been curved to provide different perspectives over the land and sea. Convenient triangular platforms located along the curved bridge provide rest areas so you can sit and appreciate both the beauty of nature and an incredible features of engineering.

From the pictures, it's looks like not really safe to be up there. But actually it's not like what you think. Whatever, always becareful wherever you go , not just at this sky-bridge but any where else too.

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