5 Amazing Inhabited Private Islands

There are couples of private Island that are so cute, amazing and so interesting to be owned or visited. But if you can't afford to own one or visit them, just have a look at their pictures here, maybe it's enough to have a pleasure of going there, if not reach 100% same satisfaction like we be there :D

These are some of the smallest island-based houses and villas currently inhabited around the world.

Dunbar Rock, Honduras

The villa at Dunbar Rock is one of the Caribbean's most unique properties. It is so well known and unusual that it's featured in the Government of Honduras’ tourism advertisements and on its own postcard.

Unknown Property, Les Cheneaux Islands

Les Cheneaux Islands (French: meaning "The Channel Islands") are a group of 36 small islands, some inhabited, along 12 miles of Lake Huron shoreline on the southeastern tip of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the United States.

Clingstone, Rhode Island

Sitting majestically just off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island is a beautiful mansion by the name of Clingstone - a name which makes sense as soon as the property is seen.

Just Room Enough, 1000 Islands

Can be found amongst the 1000 Islands, one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos.

Las Isletas, Nicaragua

Las Isletas is an archipelago of 365 little volcanic islands (one for each day of the year) situated inside Cocibolca Lake, 3 Km far from Grenada city. All these islands are luxuriant, rich in fauna and flora, especially in water birds.

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