Got first payment from Adsense

Peace and howdy? Today i got my first Google Adsense payment sent by Google tru Western Union. Actually this is my second payment, but i did not not pick up the first payment. So i postpone to this second one. And this is the first time i received money via Western Union, alhamdulillah.

I picked up from the main post office at Kuala Terengganu town. When i reached the post office, firstly i seek for Western Union banner. Yes there is Western Union's small banner in front of the post office's glass door. And it convinced me that i can pick up the money. I just bring along infos that Google told us to bring, and a copy of my Identification Card, that's all. And i must fill one form to pick up the money. The process is smooth even it took a bit long time because the clerk maybe process the exchange rate.

Whatever i'm so happy with this alhamdulillah. And it is proved that Google really pay to the qualified members of Google Adsense. Thanx very much Google! And don't forget to pay again next time hehe.

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