Fractals animation 2 [Video]

Salaam and how do you do? This second fractal animation still made by Ultra Fractal software. I add some 3d animations at the beginning and at the end of the video, using 3d Studio Max and composed all in After Effect. I took this from my project that i can't tell here what, but i edited for public viewing and post here. I hope you like it. Peace and justice for all :)

This is the toughest upload of all. I tried many times to upload this video to whether Youtube, Daily Motion, Blogger and so on, but all failed. I was so wondered why this happened. Until i try to switch off my anti virus program. And yes alhamdulillah, it succeed. So apparently , it correlated with the antivirus, and maybe the AV blocked the uploading process, i still can't configure why specifically.

But alhamdulillah, after i switch off my AV, i can upload this video smoothly, phewwwwww .......


Great work...A piece worth browsing through. Congratulations hon. Looking forward to more ideas from you..

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