Eat much spicy foods may harm your stomach

Do you know that one of the reason that people suffer gastric and most of the stomach disease is because they always eat spicy food? Let us be clear here and understand about how spicy foods affect our stomach and internal organs.

Our stomach is just a soft thing , so sensitive especially to hot and spicy thing that enter it. So for an example, when the spicy food always touch the stomach, it will get hurt gradually and may get wounded. If it become more and more wounded, then you will suffer gastric and other stomach problems. That's why we must understand the concept, that spicy foods are not good for our stomach. It is like torching our own stomach.

Spicy foods are the most people favourite. Of course eating spicy food will give you a temporary satisfaction because they are really tasty. But instead of giving you satisfaction, it can also harm you in long term. Just like drinking alcoholic drink, also give you a temporary satisfaction but will cause so many problems later on. So that's why Islam also prohibit drinking alcoholic drinks and other related drinks.

So to avoid suffering from stomach disease, let us be patient, control our eating habit and not to eat much spicy foods. Not everything in this world are good to eat. Much of them also dangerous to our health. Try to remember that. And always equip ourselves with health knowledges especially 'herbalism'. All the best :)



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