Don't put such high hopes in your partner

Many married couples put high hopes in their partners. And the conclusion is they will get frustrated if the hopes are not achieve. So the best thing to do before you get married is don't put such a high hopes in your partner. Just be moderate and try to thing what you can do to your partner to make him / her happy. And as a return you might get what you did to him / her back.

But this is not mean that you must hope to get the return hehe. But usually what you do good you will get it back in return. And this is a skill of how to get a good return from your partner. Not with hoping, but with giving. Give a lots your good deeds and you will get a good things insyaAllah.

If both of partners always think what is best to do to our partners, then insyaAllah we will be more happier than always hoping our partner to do best for us. There will be less frustration and stress moment. So how we gonna avoid to put high hopes? Just learn and always practise not to do it. Of course patient is most important in this matter. Patient just for now and we will get great pleasure in the future insyaAllah.

By lessen our high hopes, our partner will become less stress to fulfill our hopes. And less stress means less quarrel. Never push our partner to do what we want especially what he / she not afford to do. Always pushing other people means we are selfish. So try to avoid pushing others ok :)

Also to other things, don't set your hope to a higher level, but work hard or smart at higher level to achieve what you want. High hope not brings you high quality products. High hope will just give you big frustration if you not achieve it. So try to learn to accept all trials and adversities in life. May Allah give us guidance and bless us with His Mercy. All the best :)



What's Up Man,
You are doing very well.
Now you become philoshopher, right?

Hey i like your idea. very good man .Life is not just only to think what i can get from one, but to think what i can give.

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