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I tried many widget and script from various websites to monitor links to my blogs. But there is one website that i found really helps me in monitoring links or referrers to my blogs. This site is Oh yes, alhamdulillah this site really helps me monitoring links to my blogs and the best so far that i found.

Before this i used extreme tracking and feedjit, but still use feedjit now. It is my secondary monitoring tools. The combination of both of them is superb and i don't think i will use other tools anymore regarding this matter. Both of them are so reliable and we can monitor links in realtime.

Why using both of them?

Firstly because each has it's own advantages. E-referrer can count how many times the link referred to our blog. From that we can determine which one is the most frequent referred to us. It has it's own counter at the widget and we can see it in realtime. And the referrer automatically appears in the list of referrers and the number to appear is depends on our setting.

But it does not shows all sites that the visitors enter. It just shows the last site by mouse over the cursor to the referrer's link in the list. And this context is won by Feedjit, becoz Feedjit shows which pages the visitors came and browse. So we can determine which site the visitors came and search for and also we can know what keywords they used to search through the search engines.

It is clearly now that both have their own advantages. And using both of them will really help us monitors our site. Happy blogging and all the best :)

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