Smartlauncher 1.06 for Nokia N-Gage download

I have just installed Smartlauncher v1.06 to my friend's Nokia N-Gage handphone. Seems like there is no Smartlauncher 1.07 free download in the net hehe. So the program works nice and we can also add skin to it. And it is more interesting because we can use a free software named Skin Editor to edit skin to use with Smartlauncher.

With that Skin Editor program, we just change the background image if we want to change the background for Smartlauncher. That's really nice and easy. So you want to download Smartlauncher 1.06 for Nokia N-Gage? This is a full edition and no need to register. Click the link below

Download SmartLauncher v1.06.sis

If the link doesn't works then you can go here. All the best :)



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