How to read books online

There is easy and free way to read books online, by using Google service. Just type the name of your required book and search with Google Search. After that, make sure you click BOOKS at the menu above. And the search engine will only find the books based on your keyword.

And then not to forget to choose Full View Only from the search option. Because it will search only books that you can view in full. If you did not choose this, then it will search randomly including books that have no full view. For your info, all these books are for sale, but if you choose Full View Only, you can read it online first without having to buy it.

It is a nice service provided by Google, at least people can try first before buy it and of course it will make a purchase full of satisfaction. And it can also help people that have not much money to buy by reading online :D And sometimes we don't want to read full the book but we just want to take some important and relevant points from it. So online reading is a good choice. All the best :)

This is an example of online reading = Islam & World Peace: Explanations of a Sufi



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