Avoid from hurting other people, physically or mentally

Peace and have a nice days. Everyday we must face variety kinds of people. And it is not specific among us and each of use has our own experiences. One thing for sure, it is possible for us to annoy, or cause pain to anybody physically or mentally everyday in our life whether it is on purpose or not.

It is still acceptable if it's not on purpose, because every mankind make mistakes, but it is not ok for people that is on purpose happy to cause pain to others. No wonder, there are also people that happy if other people afraid of him / her. Especially when he / her got a good position in job, institution and so on. So if you have that feeling, you better get rid of it fast before it will eat yourself someday.

If someone always give other people troubles and he / she intend to, usually in the future he / she will get so much troubles because of that. So my advise is, becareful, monitor your everyday life to not always cause pain to others whether it is physically or mentally. Because if you do it everyday or always, first it will make you addicted to it (always want to see other people get trouble - don't like if other people happy). And then you will face so much troubles someday because of all your behaviours all these times.

Alternatively, it is better to think of how to make other people happy and feel good with us. And remember, all of use came from the same father and mother (Adam and Eve), we are all human being that have heart and feeling, so why must we hurt each other? It doesn't matter if you are black, white, asian, american, arabian, egyptian and so on, we are all human. If we really learnt from history, we are all came from the same source. Don't ever make our mind narrower with racist-minded. That will lead us to hurting each other and not happy to see others happy.

Throw away our ego and racist-minded. We are all the same. Only God knows our value depends on what we did on this earth, not because of who our parents and bloodline are. But whatever happen, always have to be patient because life is a test. It is a test from God to see who among us will do good deeds. All the best :)



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