The best antivirus to me

Peace and have a nice days ahead. Now i wanna talk about the best antivirus that i ever use. This is personal thought ok , not a benchmark of many PCs and so on. But i'm happy with my new antivirus now that was introduced to me by a great friend of mine couples months ago. And this is my personal view about the AV and not related to anything else.

I tested almost all AV before, include Kaspersky, Alvira, Norton, AVG and so on. And my last favourite is AVG and i use it for long time. Until i try AVAST, it's like a miracle to me so far alhamdulillah and thanks to my friend too. And so far, i have installed it for almost 5 months and nothing yet interrupted my PC. It's still run smooth without any problem.

Previously, with AVG , usually in 2 months there will appear a problem. Because ya know, i always surf internet and almost all day long my PC online. And i enter many kinds of sites and it is high possibility to be infected by a virus and spyware. And usually my PC will go crazy during this time.

So this is a new record to me for my PC to stand firm without having any problem. So i recommend you too to try Avast, because from my years of experiences using PC , this is the time i'm not having much problems. Avast is the best antivirus software to me. All the best :)

*Updated 12 August 2009

I'm now using Avast with Avira together. The combination of these antivirus is better than using Avast alone, because there are so many viruses that Avast not detect but Avira did. So far there is no problem using both of them together. :)



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