My latest 3d wallpapers design - Vol 2

I enclose here my latest design of 3d wallpapers. I posted them all at e-picworld blog and just want to share here a package of the latest. I hope you will like them and it is my pleasure if you download and use them as your desktop wallpaper or just for your own collection. If there are any suggestion (like what wallpaper you want me to make), please mention here. I will try my best to fullfill your needs. All the best everybody! :)

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Love bike

3d chopper wallpaperThe chopper of love

make love chopper wallpaper - husband and wife having sexHusband and wife make love

3d fantasy wallpaperHelp! The chopper is drowning

Save the chopper of love from the beast

PAS Superbike

3D Motorbike - PAS Superbike 1Need to repair?

3D Motorbike - PAS Superbike 2Where it wanna go eh?

PAS Superbike to the rescue

Inside the building

A long corridor - interior design wallpaperLooking for an eagle in a sky?

Combination of classic and modern - interior design wallpaperCombination of classic and modern

3D Simple desktop

Love love loveLove love love

Music boxMusic box

Leave a light on

Travel to gain experience and knowledge

Three siblingsThree siblings

3D wood sculptures

Travel through thick and thinTravel through thick and thin

Politics of the worldPolitics of the world

sex between husband and wifeLove is all around

3d wood sculptures 2Educating the kids

3d wood sculptures 1Circles of relationship



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