Almost all HYIP websites are scammers

I forgot to write about this before but now i need to do this post, at least as a warning to a newbie or someone that want to make money online. Many of you knew what HYIP is right? But maybe many of you still not know how they works and what the consequences to us if we involve. I don't want to talk much about HYIP here but i just want to make clear a dark side of it.

What i want to tell here is almost all HYIPs that live on the internet now are scams. They got so many tactics and acts like they're really a professional investment sites. You don't have to be influenced by them just because of their cool website, cool offers and so on. Yes, of course there are still exist the site that really want to run this business fairly and not cheat people, like FOREX trader for example. They build the site to have more people invest with them and got profits together. But this kind of site will not stay longer because they're not expert in website especially in security matter. So they're easily can be hacked by hackers. When hackers hack the site, so gone all your money with them.

And there are tactics of many site admins (scammers) that pay member at the beginning. But when you put lots of your money later, then he'll be disappear with all your money. And without our realisation, they will open a new HYIP site with other name and run again investment site to fool people. So ya can see that right? That's why there are always new HYIP sites coming out from time to time like a mushroom and many too disappear imediately. And most of them are the same person that ever opened HYIP site before.

How they got money to pay members?

Usually they will pay members at the beginning. And they pay with members money too. They will collect the money that was invested by members to pay profits to earlier investors. And some of them use money from their HYIP scam site before. After they scam people, they will got so much money to run other site and pay members by that. So that is one of their tactic too.

Many of them also have conspiracy with HYIP monitor sites with bribe the monitor sites to tell good story about them. So investors will see a good record about them to make us believe them. That's an old tactic actually but still many don't realise this and still believe them totally.

I'm here not to accuse HYIPs or what, but that's the truth that always happened nowadays. And it's all based on my own experience (by joining many make money forums and HYIP sites) and my friends experience. So becareful with HYIPs, because most of them is members money-eater. I hope we're not fooled by them anymore. Better to try another alternative to make money online. There are lots more ways to make money online instead of involving with HYIPs. You can generate revenue through your website, join Pay Per Action programs and so on. And one thing to know, there are no easy way to earn money without work hard for it first. Easy come and easy go. All the best :)



Maybe a short description of what HYIP means or, if it's an acronym, having it spelled out would be a great help to people coming to this post for the first time.

Just a thought.

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