YM and MSN - Which one is better?

Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger are among the most popular chat program in the internet. I personally use both of them includes one 3D chat program, IMVU. And i found out both YM and MSN got pros and cons.

If you want a nice skins and beautiful chat program, of course MSN is better than YM. The emoticons in MSN also cuter and nicer than we can get in YM. But for those who emphasize performance, then YM is better than MSN. Stability in MSN is so bad. The message always bounce after we chat for a while. And the program runs slower than YM does.

What i like in YM, besides of good performance and runs faster than MSN, it got user friendly criteria. And what is so convenience to use YM is we can just press UP arrow on our keyboard to retrieve previous messages to send again to the one who chat with us. Usually, this is really important when we want to say something repeatedly without having to retype it.

I hope YM can upgrade the interface of the program to be as cute as MSN. And if YM is as cute as MSN, i think people will go to YM and leave MSN because like what i said, YM's performance is better than MSN. So Yahoo, please make YM's interface more nicer and cuter ok!

But in offline message case, i prefer MSN than YM. But this thing is not a big thing for me and just a small matter. So the conclusion that i can make here is, personally I prefer YM than MSN. Especially now when MSN is forcing us to update the program if we want to use it. If we not update, we cannot login into it. But if we update MSN Messenger, we must update Windows too, and this will cause problem for those who use pirate Windows, hehe.

Before i wrap up this post, i just want to mention that for romantic and happening chatting, IMVU is the best. It is a 3D chat and we can have our own character in it. We can chat in a virtual shop, in a pool, even in a bedroom and so on. So this is encourage to husband and wife only ok. All the best :)



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