What do you think about popup ads?

I wonder what do all of you think about popup ads. For those who don't know about popup ads, they are the ads that usually appear in a different windows when we enter one website. And some of them got spyware also with them.

So what do you think? For me, they are really annoying. Wasting my time to close their windows to get rid of them. So they are really annoying us when we want to surf in peace. And the ads that popup is usually is not a good ads, unprofessional, childish, bad looking and so on.

So i hope for those that still use popup ads in their website, please don't use it anymore because i'm so tired of closing their windows, giving me unpleasant condition while surfing and wasting my time absolutely! In a short word, they are so annoying! So please advertisers and publishers, no more popup ads please, just use normal ads like clicking ads, voice ads and so on. Thank you .......



Cheers, I got you linked.... boths sites.

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