Phishing email from a fake

I got another phishing email today! This email came from a fake site. The site is design like but actually it is not the original site. It's the fake site made by bad guys. The tactic is just same as the phishing emails before like they did to Below is the content of the email;


You are the 1,000,000th visitor!

YOU WON $400!

Recently, we have reached 187,000 members. has over 4,000,000 visits monthly, so we decided to give cash prizes every 1,000,000th visitor every month. This month, you are the one of 4 winners who will get $400 from!

Your prize ($400) will be transferred directly to your e-Gold, PayPal or AlertPay account.

Please click on the link below to collect your money:


The Team

Don't ever trust this kind of email, all the best! :)



hmm.. i received the same thing too on the March 8th, 2008. i thought i really won that $400. thanks for the information..
by day way, how did u know it was fake?

Thanx for respond here. About how i know, it's so simple buddy. Just highlight the link they provided. Or just paste it to the URL box. You can see the link is not the original link. bla bla bla ... you can see after still not close with / symbol. So the original domain is stop at <<-- this is a real one.

And one more thing, they ask us to pay deposit bla bla bla. If it's true, they don't have to ask us to pay for it. Just remember, what ask us to PAY FIRST is not a real one, it's a fake one, spammer / phishing email , all the best!! :) is also a fraud...its not wonder if the email really come from numenmail....:D

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